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The School has students enrolled from Class I to Class XII.  CBSE curriculum is followed. The students are offered the following combinations of subjects:

For Class I & II   :   English, Hindi & Mathematics

For Class III to V   :   English, Hindi, Mathematics & Environmental Studies (EVS)

For Class VI to VIII  :   English, Hindi, Sanskrit, Mathematics, Social Studies & Science

For Class IX & X  :   English, Hindi or Sanskrit, Mathematics, Social Studies & Science

For XI & XII (Commerce stream)  :  English-Core, Hindi-Core/Mathematics, Economics, Accountancy &  Business Studies

For XI & XII (Science stream)   :   English-Core, Mathematics/Hindi-Core, Physics, Chemistry &  Biology/Computer Science

In addition to the above, due importance has been given on AHPL (Art of Healthy and Productive Living) - which includes : Art, Music, SUPW, Physical & Health Education, Environmental Education & Computer Awareness.

  BIO-TECHNOLOGY as an Elective subject will be introduced in Class-XI from 2007-08 session   




The faculty of Kendriya Vidyalaya Paradip Port shapes its special character. Each faculty member is both a teacher and a scholar, an expert in his/her own field. The faculty  consists of 35 full time highly qualified teachers, who have extensive teaching experience in their respective fields.

All teachers are also involved in some school activity, as House Master, Class Teacher, the Environment Council, Editorial Board, Cultural Department or Sports, to name a few. In fact, all teachers also share membership with students on various committees, school houses, and supervise individual or small-group research projects.

Students learn through teacher instruction, group activities and field trips. Seminars and workshops also form an integral part of the School Curriculum. Teachers use a student-centered style which instills confidence, initiative, and the development of critical and analytical skills.

Guest Speakers are also invited to the schools to familiarize the students on various academic, scientific, social and cultural issues.




(As on 09.07.2007)

Sl. No. Name Design. Employee Code Date of Joining the present KV Date of Joining the present Post
1 Shri P.C Ratha Principal 9886 27.06.2007 03.07.2002
2 Smt. P.K. Nanda HM 11339 05.09.1995 11.08.1997
3 Shri S. Swain PGT (Eng.) 11351 07.04.2003 16.11.1987
4 Smt. S. Nanda PGT (Bio.) 11347 12.04.2003 25.01.2000
5 -------- PGT (Chem.)      
6 Shri N.B. Das PGT (Phy.) 11354 20.09.2004 18.08.2001
7 Shri L.C. Yadav PGT (Hindi) 11352 03.09.2002 03.09.2002
8 Shri A. Ojha PGT (Eco.) 32047 25.07.2006 10.09.2002
9 Mr. Sunil Kumar Verma PGT (C.S.)   10.09.07 10.09.07
10 -------- PGT (Maths)      
11 -------- PGT (Comm.)      
12 Shri A.Q. Khan TGT (S.St.) 11375 16.02.1991 22.12.1986
13 Shri P.C. Kar TGT (Maths) 11373 08.04.2002 27.12.1986
14 Shri H.K. Behera TGT (Eng.) 1146 02.04.2007 10.09.1987
15 Smt. M.P. Nayak TGT (Eng.) 11368 08.04.2002 26.07.1988
16 Dr. S.K. Jha TGT (Skt.) 11374 23.08.1999 25.06.1996
17 Smt. J. Pattanaik TGT (Bio.) 11367 03.04.2002 16.01.1998
18 Shri S.N. Panda TGT (Maths) 37596 16.04.2007 05.04.2004
19 -------- TGT (S.St.)      
20 -------- TGT (Hindi)      
21 -------- TGT (Hindi)      
22 Shri B.C. Sahoo Librarian 11344 15.01.2001 16.11.1981
23 Shri S.K. Subudhi WET 11378 17.07.2002 25.11.1993
24 Shri G.C. Behera Drawing Tr. 11332 16.10.2000 05.09.1995
25 Shri P.K. Bhagat PET 11346 25.06.2005 19.01.1998
26 Smt. Sujata Rath PRT 11365 10.04.2003 05.09.1983
27 Shri H.K. Mishra PRT 11362 29.06.2001 23.09.1983
28 Smt. S.R. Patel PRT 11363 01.12.2004 30.09.1985
29 Shri Khageswar Bag PRT 11361 11.09.2002 19.09.1986
30 Smt. S. Panigrahi PRT 11366 31.07.1996 07.09.1987
31 Shri K.C. Dalai PRT 11360 17.04.2004 08.09.1987
32 Shri S.K. Mohanty PRT 11364 12.08.2004 31.08.1988
33 Miss A. Hazra PRT 11356 01.02.2001 23.11.1993
34 Shri  A.K. Dash PRT 11358 05.09.2002 06.12.1993
35 Shri  B.K. Das PRT 11359 15.04.2002 13.12.1993
36 Smt. Anima Km. Das PRT 11357 01.06.2005 26.06.1996
37 Shri P.K. Behera Music Tr. 11345 04.12.2000 16.09.1988
38 Shri L.D. Sethy UDC 11377 07.06.2002 05.09.1992
39 Shri P.K. Samal LDC 11343 27.11.2000 02.01.1996
40 Shri P.K. Samal Lab. Attd. 11341 17.08.1976 12.09.1977
41 Shri D.K. Das Lab. Attd. 11340 12.09.1977 12.09.1977
42 Shri S.K. Chattar Lab. Attd. 11342 15.09.1977 15.09.1977
43 Shri P.R. Swain Gr. D 11337 06.11.1975 06.11.1975
44 Shri M.G. Samal Gr. D 11335 24.10.1977 24.10.1977
45 Shri G.C. Nayak Gr. D 11334 29.10.1977 29.10.1977
46 Shri S.M. Singh Gr. D 11338 31.01.1997 31.01.1997



Sl. No.


1 Miss Harapriya Padhi PGT (Maths)
2 Miss Subhralin Jena PGT (Chem)
3 Shri Ajit Kumar Sahoo TGT (Science)


Shri Sunakar Biswal TGT (S.St.)


Mrs.Nandita TGT (Hindi)


Shri A.K. Raut Computer Instructor


Miss Supriya Pati Pre-Primary Teacher
8 Shri Dhruti Dhar Das Spoken English Teacher
10 Miss Saudamini Singh Kabaddi Coach
11 Miss Krishna Kumari Ray Kho-Kho Coach
12 Shri Kanhu Mallick Taekwondo Coach
13 Shri Sushanta Kumar Das Volleyball Coach
14 Shri Prabas Kumar Sahoo Music Coach
15 Miss Tanushree Sahoo Computer Instructor





Reading, the key to success, should be fun and not a chore. Fully computerized and directed by an experienced Librarian, the spacious Library occupies a central place at Kendriya Vidyalaya Paradip Port where an extensive reference comprising of about 9333 books , 15 magazines - periodicals and 06 Newspapers.
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Well-equipped junior and senior laboratories for Information Technology, Physics, Chemistry, computer and Biology  where students do not merely replicate textbook procedures but devise and evaluate their own experiments


Custom designed Early Years computer centre.

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KVS follows the system of continuous and comprehensive evaluation of students achievements in academics.  In an academic year, every KV holds following tests / examinations

A.     Unit Tests

Three Unit tests are conducted during an academic year.  Each unit test is of 40 marks thus making a total of 120 marks for unit tests which is reduced to 20 marks as weightage of unit tests in the final result.

B.     Half Yearly Examinations

This is conducted in the 3rd week of November.  Its weightage in the final result is of 20 marks.

C.     Session Ending Examinations

This is conducted in the 2nd / 3rd week of March with a common set of question papers prepared at the Regional  Level.  Evaluation is done at cluster level to minimize subjectivity.  Its weightage in the final result is of 40 marks.






Tentative Schedule of Tests & Examinations

 Session 2007-08

Tests /Exams. Tentative Dates
I Unit Test 17th to 23rd July 2007
II Unit Test   17th to 22nd September 2007
Half-Yearly Exam. 3rd week of November 2007
Pre-Board Exam. I  1st week of December 2007
Pre-Board Exam. II 4th week of December 2007
Pre-Board Exam.III 3rd week of January 2008
III Unit Test 21st to 28th January 2008
CBSE Practical Exam. 1st week of February 2008
BOARD EXAM. 1st week of March 2008
Session Ending Exam 2nd / 3rd week of March 2008
Note: -

            There will be no formal test or examination for Classes I & II students. However, their performance will be evaluated through Continuous Comprehensive Examination and a file will be maintained for each child to record all necessary competencies in each subject. The parents of all the students of Classes I & II are welcome to the Vidyalaya on all last working days (after Recess) of each month to see the performance of their children.





Primary Classes

1.    There should be no detention in Class I & II. 

2.    If a child gets 'E' grade in 3 subjects in Class-III onwards, he/she can be detained in the same class with the consent of the parent. 

3.    In case the parent does not consent, the student will be promoted to the next class. However, if the student again gets 'E' grade in three subjects or more in the next class, the Principal can detain the child in the same class. 

4.    The child who gets 'E' grade in any two subjects in Class-V, will be given an opportunity to improve upon it and if he/she gets 'D' grade even in one subject, will be promoted to Class-VI.

Secondary Classes

Final assessment of a student is based on his total achievement out of a maximum of 100 marks in each subject distributed as under:

(i)     CW/HW/Assignments                         10 marks

(ii)     Project / Practicals                             20 marks

(iii)     Unit Tests                                          20 marks

(iv)     Half yearly Exams                             10 marks

(v)     Session Ending Exams                        40 marks

                        Total                                100 marks

If a student misses a Unit Test, no credit shall be allowed. However weightage on Medical Ground is given but the child concerned will not be given any rank. In case of absence, no test will be taken at any stage later. Every student would need to pass the Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation (CCE)-comprising (i) to (iv) mentioned above as well as Session Ending Examination (SEE) separately with at least 1/3rd (one-third) marks. Thus each child should obtain not less than 20 marks out of 60 in each subject in the CCE and 13 marks out of 40 in the SEE, for being promoted to the next class.

Grading System as per the recommendation of CBSE has been introduced from March-2007 onwards for Classes VI to VIII. There will be no inter-se rank/position in Classes VI to VIII. However, the promotion rules as mentioned above will be applicable as per KVS norms.



A child may not be allowed to sit in the Session Ending Examination if he/she has not put in a minimum of 75% of the attendance of the academic session including attendance put in the previous school if the student has been admitted on transfer.



The Progress Report shall be sent to the parent by the Vidyalaya at least three times in the academic session. It will be generally after the Term tests and examinations in the month of August, November and March.