Co-Curricular activities are very essential for all round development of the student. Vidyalaya children have been divided into four groups known as Sadans (Houses).
                                        i)    Shakti Sadan
                                        ii)   Shanti Sadan
                                        iii)  Kirti Sadan
                                        iv)  Jyoti Sadan
            Different types of competitions are conducted in the Vidyalaya in Primary and Secondary wings both. In the Primary Section there are  three Groups.
                                        Group-1.    Class I  
                                        Group-2.    Class II to III
                                        Group-3.    Class IV & V
In Secondary section, there are two Groups. 
                                        Group-1.    Class VI to VIII  
                                        Group-2.    Class IX to XII
Following competitions are conducted in CCA toeriads
                                        1)   Hindi and English Calligraphy  
                                        2)   Sanskrit Shloka Recitation
                                        3)   English Speech Competition
                                        4)   English Easy Writing competition  
                                        5)   Antyakshari competition
                                        6)   Quiz competition  
                                        7)   U.N.O. Day Celebration
                                        8)   Vigilance Awareness Week
                                       9)   Solo Song Competition  
                                      10)  Group Dance competition
                                      11)   Extempore Speech / Aashu Bhashan 
                                      12)   Group Song Competition
                                      13)   Rangoli Competition
                                      14)   Hindi / English Poem Recitation 
                                      15)   KVS Foundation Day  
                                      16)   Childrens' Day
                                      17)   Independence Day
                                      18)   Republic Day  
                                      19)   Gandhi's Birthday
                                      20)   Fancy Dress Competition       

SCOUTS & GUIDES  (2006-2007)

Miss Gulshanara Perwin of Class - XII (Science) was awarded RASHTRAPATI Guide certificate.

Miss Lopamudra Sahoo of IX B, Miss Manisha Priyadarshini of IX B and Master Smruti Ranjan Mohanty of IX A were awarded RAJYAPURASKAR certificates.

i)    4 Scouts & 4 Guides appeared in the Tritiya Sopan Testing Camp held at K.V. Gopalpur Military Station from 8th to 10th December 2006.

ii)    Coastal Clean up Day was observed by Scouts and Guieds along with other Vidyalayas and Colleges children at Paradip Sea Beach.

iii)     Rathayatra of Paradip City was attended by Scouts & Guides by fixing a "MAY I HELP YOU" and "FIRST AID" tent for devotees and visitors.

iv)    "Flag Day" was observed by the Scouts & Guides.

v)   From 17.11.06 to 24.11.06, Scouts & Guides observed Communal Harmony Week.