The department of Physics started from 1977-78. It has its own laboratory with all practical facilities.  The department along with Chemistry & Biology successfully conducted the Vidyalaya Level Science Exhibition during the session 2006-07. This year, one of our science exhibits was selected for National Level Science exhibition, under the guidance of PGT Physics of this Department.

              Last year, the Physics result of Class XII (CBSE) was 100% with quality. The students of class XII have made some working model (Project Work) for the forthcoming Practical examination.                 


To develop Scientific Temper among the children and to impart  conceptual knowledge, practical is a must for every child. 

Chemistry Lab of KV Paradip Port is a well equipped lab, having six working table fitted with taps and basin. The Lab can accommodate 24  children in one batch and provides conducive atmosphere for conduct of Practicals. There is a separate measurement room and a storeroom in addition to main hall where the working tables are kept.

           The laboratory is fully equipped with all apparatus and required chemicals as per CBSE specification.  Besides normal experiments, several investigatory projects are also conducted for part fulfillment of CBSE practical exam of Class-XII.

              Lab nurtures the requirement of young budding scientist of the Vidyalaya.


Physics   The Biology Laboratory of the Vidyalaya is fully equipped with latest instruments like -incubator, centrifuge, etc. It has a rich source of rare specimen collected through the years. The laboratory also act as a resource centre for other lower classes - although a Junior Science Laboratory take care of their needs.

The campus has 3 computer laboratories accessible to students during and after school hours with advanced infrastructure in terms of hardware and software. One of the laboratory cater to students learning C++, Oracle 9i & Visual Basic in classes XI & XII; one laboratory is for the students of class VI to X learning HTML, DHTML; another is for the students of classes I to V where Logo & Office is taught. 24 hours Broadband internet facility is available to the students and staff to get connected with rest of the world.