1.    The children not below the age of 4 years as on 30th September of the year in which admission is sought may be admitted in pre-primary classes.

            2.    The class strength of these classes may be between 25-30.

            3.    The priority for admission for the Pre-Primary classes will remain the same as applicable for admission to Class I and above.

            4.    The Vidyalaya will charge Rs. 400/- per month from these children as Vidyalaya Vikas Nidhi and that will be utilised by the Vidyalaya for making this exercise self-financing.

            5.    The duration of school for these children will be 4 hours.

            6.    The Vidyalaya will engage Nursery Trained Teacher and an Ayah on Part time basis with consolidated emoluments to be decided by the Executive Committee.

            7.    Children will be trained to converse both in English and Hindi to develop proficiency in these two languages.

            8.    Some written work can be taken up from November onwards. Counting from 1-20 in Mathematics, Alphabets in English & Hindi and cursive writing can be implemented.

            9.    The oral assessment of the children will be done twice in a year - first upto 31st October and second upto 31st March of the year.

            10.    The uniform of the children will remain the same as for other children.

            11.    Children of Pre-Primary classes will get preference in admission to Class I on the basis of Priority of Categories. However they will not be admitted to Class-I directly.

            12.    The Registration Form and Brochure will be available from the Vidyalaya Office from 15th February 2007.