Incumbency Chart of Principals

Education has always had prominent place in the man's scheme of things ever since he started becoming civilized.
In fact education has helped man to make transition from the brute that he was to the human being that he is now. It still decides who should be qualified to be called a human. From the days when Gurukuls and Monasteries dispensed knowledge to the modern schools where technology is fast occupying the place of traditional methods of teaching, the buzz world is the same---education civilizes. It is this aim that has guided Kendriya Vidyalaya, Paradip Port from its inception. We have combined the modern methods of teaching with the traditional values which can help in molding of an individual to a balanced personality. Our aim is to prepare students to take up the challenges of the harsh modern world and create successful lives for themselves. With a view on this, we are giving equal importance to the academics, co-curricular activities and games and sports. We also try to inculcate the right values in the students. This will certainly help in developing students who are physically, mentally and spiritually sound. We keep programs in which students participate and give expression to the intellectual, artistic and emotional, outpourings. It will be a solid foundation on which future endeavors in this field will be built on.

Mr. P.C.Ratha
K. V. Paradip Port